It’s amazing how TINY CHANGES can have a huge impact on team dynamics.



When a company faces a challenge or a change, the team’s energy can be negatively affected and this can hurt the bottom line.

With introduction of TINY CHANGES you can easily correct course; energise your team, make working together more fun, and increase profits.

Tiny Changes is a concept developed by Angela Heck, intuition coach and leadership expert. She uses emotional intelligence, intuition and energy to shift things and people around so that your team becomes more effective, employee satisfaction increases, and your bottom line reaps the benefits.

Tiny Changes is a hands-on approach that is fast and effective and affordable for small and medium businesses who want to improve team dynamics and increase their profit margin.

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About The Author

Angela Heck studied Hotel and Tourism management in Switzerland. She has worked internationally at Mövenpick and Hilton hotel chains. Her unique skills to use energy, intuition and emotional intelligence drove her to become the bridge builder between management and employees to create more effective teams. In the past years she has worked with several KMU in Switzerland.


I met Angela Heck a couple of years ago, at a network partner event. Her direct, open, sympathetic and extremely authentic manner has inspired me and encouraged me to learn more about her work and to make an appointment. After the first meeting I realized, I want to work together with her. It is her versatility, her sensitivity, her extreme flair and the “bring it to the point in no time”, which perplexes me every time. The coachings with Angela are motivating and extremely fun! (Andreas Spiegel, Geschäftsführer, Impress Spiegel AG, media + print, 4622 Egerkingen)

Andreas Spiegel

Geschäftsführer, Impress Spiegel AG, media + print, 4622 Egerkingen

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