“Reach for the stars”. It might sound like something that belongs in a fairytale book or a cheesy inspirational Instagram post. Maybe you feel like it’s so out of reach that it has just become an empty phrase to you. Well, guess what… those stars might be closer than you think. Learn more about why you should definitely reach for the stars (hint: it’s because you’re worth it) and how to go about it in this episode of the Reignite Your Intuition podcast.

In this episode, I share a story of an extraordinary woman who came to me seeking internal peace as she prepares for the last chapter of her life… But what she found actually revived her to live her last chapter to the fullest! What did she find that made such a change? Tune in to the latest episode to find out, and ask yourself if you could use a dose of what she has found. (And if the answer is “yes”, go ahead and schedule a complimentary call with me here so I can help you find it, too!)

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