Did you know you are already an intuitive person? If you’re new to this idea of intuition and a special inner-connection, I’m here to tell you: You were born an intuitive person. Usually, these memories will be from your childhood, and once you start to think about these little signs and memories, it becomes quite obvious that you have always been an intuitive person.

But somewhere along the way, you may have lost that connection or let it fade. It happens to the best of us… the older you get, and the more you feel the weight of society’s expectations of you, the more you lose your connection. Then the insecurities start to pop up. The feeling that happiness is out there, but you’re not sure how to find it. Trying so hard to do what you think you’re “supposed to do” and losing sight of what you truly want to do and what you are meant to do. In this episode, I talk a bit about how you can think back to when you were more connected to your intuition.

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