You know that feeling you get when something really great has happened for you? Maybe you got that promotion? Worked really hard and treated yourself to a new fancy car you’ve been eyeing? Or even how you feel when things are going well for you in general? Feels great, right? That is, until the haters start hating… what is that about, anyway? Why does there always have to be at least one person who has to rain on your parade? 

It’s not always the haters that are the problem, though. Sometimes life just gets tough. Some days are great and it’s easy to smile, dance and give yourself the love you deserve. But can you still love yourself even when life feels like crap? It might feel strange to keep smiling and dancing when nothing seems to be going your way. So what are you to do when life isn’t all sunshine and roses? How do you continue to grow yourself even through the bad times? What’s the healthy response? In this episode of the Springpower Series on the Reignite Your Intuition Podcast, you’ll find out what you should do about those “haters”, and why it’s something to be happy about.

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