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Think intuition is for soft-spoken, granola crunching hippy-types?

Then this will tickle your feet:

I’m not the kind of coach who’s going to noisily sip lukewarm herbal tea, take long (pregnant & “meaningful”) pauses while I close my eyes, sigh deeply and ask you… “how does it feel?”.

My approach is hands-on – no kiddy gloves.

I offer practical tools you can apply in your business TODAY. Like The 10-Second Muscle Test that helps you distinguish intuition from ordinary fear and make strong decisions – especially when the stakes are high (speaking event, big launch, major client, etc.).

Expect belly laughs, real tears, adult language and above all…


I help my clients navigate decisions & questions like:

Should I…

  • Launch vs. wait?
  • Keep working with this client vs. cut them loose?
  • Outsource vs. go DIY?
  • Follow up with this influencer vs. let it go?
  • Skip buying this program vs. go for it?


They may seem like small Q’s, but let’s be honest:

Haven’t you felt held back for months & been unable to move forward because of turning a tiny decision into a huge road block?


Fear-based beliefs keep you pushing in all the wrong directions – only resulting in drained adrenals and chronic anything. You’ve moved away from following your hunch. And that’s for a reason. Maybe…

  • your mom taught you to never rock the boat – the fake smiling is hurting your jaw & making you feel like a fraud. It’s time to speak up.
  • you’re hustling out of fear you’ll end up a bag lady, instead of trusting that you deserve money and can make it! It’s time to drop the fear.
  • you’re trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of you – a parent, a boyfriend, a business bestie. Now’s the time to stop feeling you’re “not enough” and feel deeply loved, every time you look in the mirror.


Whatever’s holding you back from taking the reigns (in your business & personal life), we’ll bust those anxiety-provoking mind games that keep you running in circles – by accelerating your intuition.

Expect to…

  • Experience inner peace (you know, like you can breathe again)
  • Trust your impulses in stressful moments – you’ve got this!
  • Become the expert in being YOU – unapologetically
  • Start making decisions that serve your well-being & bottom line


Here’s how it works…

You can book me and invest in a short-term or long-term package and become a second-sight superstar! Follow your inkling and choose what feels loving & expansive.

Sessions can be held virtually or in a local meeting room in the Greater Zürich Area.



Discover the biggest roadblock between you & your hunch in this 3-hour power session.

Bring a pressing Q, or your clueless self. We’ll figure out what it is that you need to untangle your paralysis analysis & kick your (self) doubts to the curb – so you can move forward with maximum velocity.

8PRICE: CHF 880.00 / EUR 835.00



8 one-hour sessions

The quickest way to unzip the straightjacket of other peoples’ expectations and create a life & business that fits you like a pair of spanx shorty’s – without spending 12 months on your shrink’s couch.

Trouble saying no? Always taking on too much responsibility? Often end up in (business) relationships that don’t serve you?

If you’ve been feeling like: “I’ve got so much potential, WHY isn’t it showing up in my level of happiness & bank account?!”, then this is your package.

We’ll use 6 sessions to help you claim an intuition fuelled inner F*** you so you can…

  • Say no whenever you want to – even if you’ve already said yes
  • Release other peoples’ expectations of you – let go of trying to impress out of fear you’re not good enough
  • Improve the connection to your own intuition & make choices with ease – especially when the pressure is on
  • Feel a wholehearted YES with every decision you make – without the second guessing, hand-wringing and nervous nail-biting

Fact: Intuition will guide you in setting clear boundaries and doing what feels good – without apologizing. That’s when big breakthroughs happen!

Can’t wait to run your business with confidence, clarity and cajones?

Then book this package now – so you can claim
“I did it my way” and feel great about it!

PRICE CHF 2400.00 / EUR 2280.00



Put perfectionism in its place so you can move forward at lighting speed – by switching on your intuition, aka the GPS of the soul.

14 one-hour sessions

Let’s be honest: you’re surviving right now – not creating. Your brain runs the show and your heart only announces itself as that vague inkling that something’s out of whack.

What’s on the fritz? The fact that you…

  • Sabotage breakthroughs by doing something that puts you back to square one (by not filing your tax return on time, for example!)
  • Try to do everything yourself – not getting the support you need
  • Are never happy with your accomplishments
  • Obsess about your failures
  • Think of yourself as a nobody – despite creating amazing results
  • Aren’t celebrating your successes – you could’ve done “better”
  • Fear you’ll f*** up one of these days – you’re never at ease

What’s keeping you back? Your intuition knows. I’ll help you tune in and find the core of your hurt, your insecurity and the harshness toward yourself.

Next we’ll create a personalized Intuition Toolbox so you can apply the principles of intuitive living in your every day life, like…

  • Making decisions that serve your wellbeing (short AND long-term)
  • Stop pushing yourself beyond your limits
  • Being generous with yourself – including rewarding & celebrating
  • Protecting your boundaries – no is no
  • Honoring your needs – without the need to apologize

These core principles will inspire you to run your business & life based on what feels good – instead of chronically hustling your tush off, putting your faith in struggle.

Imagine replacing distraction and drama with the time & mental space to create your best work – to show up as the wise & powerful woman you are – wouldn’t that be priceless? If you think so, then…

Sign up now and become a Second Sight Superstar!

PRICE CHF 4240.00 / EUR 4030.00

Angela is unique.

“I have worked with several coaches over the years, but no one has been able to get to identify the root of any of my issues so quickly. As a highly sensitive intuitive individual, she senses the unspoken und underlying issues in any given situation and is thus able to shed new light on a situation. She asks the right questions to help me gain clarity when I am stuck and “can’t see the forest from the trees“. After each session with Angela I am clear as to what is really going on and what steps to take next. I am very thankful to have met Angela and to know that I can ask for her support when needed.”

Cheers, Marina Parris, Pferd als Partner

Dear Angela!

“In the coaching I, could feel that you are doing this with all your heart. You get to the customers topic and can accompany them with high competence. Thank you for your energetic help! I would recommend anyone to experience this coaching because it takes anyone personally, step a step further.

Roland Gauch, Referral Institute Luzern

Who is Angela Heck and what makes her so special?

“I met Angela Heck a couple of years ago, at a network partner event. Her direct, open, sympathetic and extremely authentic manner has inspired me and encouraged me to learn more about her work and to make an appointment. After the first meeting I realized, I want to work together with her. It is her versatility, her sensitivity, her extreme flair and the “bring it to the point in no time”, which perplexes me every time. The coachings with Angela are motivating and extremely fun!

Thanks to Angela, I have turned myself out of my comfortable zone to change and move a lot towards my dreams finally. I was persuaded to open my eyes, to look, and to see where and in what manner there was a need for action, in my environment and in my company. As I said, change means effort! I know, however, that this is worthwhile and I have the right coach at my side.”

Andreas Spiegel, Geschäftsführer, Impress Spiegel AG, media + print, 4622 Egerkingen