After each session with Angela I am clear as to what is really going on and what steps to take next

- Marina Parris



You are amazing at what you do!

For over a year you have supported me professionally through a challenging life situation. Without your honest and direct input I would not be on the right path in my life that I am on today. You are amazing at what you do! Thank you for your patience and always open ear. Consultations with you are on the list of the top 5 best things in my life!
Thank you very much.

 Angelika Sabo

Who is Angela Heck and what makes her so special

I met Angela Heck a couple of years ago, at a network partner event. Her direct, open, sympathetic and extremely authentic manner has inspired me and encouraged me to learn more about her work and to make an appointment. After the first meeting I realized, I want to work together with her. It is her versatility, her sensitivity, her extreme flair and the “bring it to the point in no time”, which perplexes me every time. The coachings with Angela are motivating and extremely fun!

Thanks to Angela, I have turned myself out of my comfortable zone to change and move a lot towards my dreams finally. I was persuaded to open my eyes, to look, and to see where and in what manner there was a need for action, in my environment and in my company. As I said, change means effort! I know, however, that this is worthwhile and I have the right coach at my side.

Andreas Spiegel, Geschäftsführer, Impress Spiegel AG, media + print, 4622 Egerkingen

Angela is unique.

I have worked with several coaches over the years, but no one has been able to get to identify the root of any of my issues so quickly. As a highly sensitive intuitive individual, she senses the unspoken und underlying issues in any given situation and is thus able to shed new light on a situation. She asks the right questions to help me gain clarity when I am stuck and “can’t see the forest from the trees“. After each session with Angela I am clear as to what is really going on and what steps to take next. I am very thankful to have met Angela and to know that I can ask for her support when needed.

Cheers, Marina Parris, Leadership Wisdom

Dear Angela!

In the coaching I, could feel that you are doing this with all your heart. You get to the customers topic and can accompany them with high competence. Thank you for your energetic help! I would recommend anyone to experience this coaching because it takes anyone personally, step a step further.

Stay the way you are, Angela!

Roland Gauch, Referral Institute Luzern

Angela is fabulous!

In a short time, I got more relaxed and trusting of my inner voice. She did what a lot of others couldn’t manage to do, and she did it with intuition and in the way I needed most. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. She is the best investment I have made in a while, in Angela’s coaching as well as in myself.

 Barbara Pfeifer

Dear Angela,

I was very surprised how “easy” the family constellation work was. I expected that it would be overwhelming for me to see everything laid out – but you have guided me wonderfully with your sensitive and yet straightforward and clear nature and provided me with many enlightening insights. Since my coaching, a lot has changed and there is so much lightness, and it’s beautiful!
Anyone who is willing to see and learn a lot about themselves in a short time should definitely contact you. You really have a special gift for bringing things to light. All the best, thank you!!
Noëmie Stettler
“Dear Angela,
With your very authentic, humorous and heartfelt nature, you quickly helped me bring me back into contact with my heart so that I can hear and listen to this fine voice even better. I find especially in your work that you convey the topics in a very simple, direct and down-to-earth way and support me in my very own individual way. Thank you for your support!”


“I was in treatment for health reasons. With her empathy and clarity, she quickly hit the nail on the head and revealed the cause of my health disorder. I felt taken serious and knew immediately, here I am in good hands. After the meeting with Angela, I felt very quickly an improvement. I would highly recommend Angela. Your treatments are targeted, efficient and clear. Angela is serious and I have confidence in her and her work.”


“I have listened to an interview Angela gave and was impressed with the story she told to describe her gift. It is one thing to be intuitive, and it is a completely different thing to be aware of it and to be able to tap on it.

As I am at a crossroad in my life, I thought that consulting with an intuitive will give me direction. To my surprise, meeting with Angela changed the direction of my expectation as something else surfaced which was even more important. Angela so nonchalantly mentioned a technique she uses to help her clients and how beneficial it is with its immediate results. It was the answer to my question, indeed.
Thank you, Angela.”

Svetana Jordanova

“Dear Angela,
Thanks for your help and support. Your cheerful direct way and this “special device” the Timewaver® together form a super team. There is much that happens, my self-esteem has become stable and not so swaying. I grew my self-acceptance, but I did not become an egoist. The biggest thing happened is my right ear started to hear again and that even though I am already 46 years old! Just magical!!! Also my skin colour comes back, that is also with my hair so. But this is not all my figure is changing, I just take off. Times look what still everything comes. In grateful and loving connection.”

Christine Scheidt

“A personal challenge, which burdened me for years, I could solve with a professional consultation with you in the shortest time. That was great, Angela. Your discussions are efficient, especially understandable and can be implemented in everyday life. I would be happy to recommend you. Thank you, Angela.”

Teresa Bartesaghi

Barté GmbH

“Angela gets straight to the point and sees things through to the end. With her unbeatable perception, she leads you lovingly and gently to recognize the things that are important to you on your journey. Thank you Angela, for so many moments of support.”

C. Zuberbuehler

“In different areas of my life, negative beliefs and convictions stressed me for a long time. After meeting with Angela I was able to let go of some of those knots, and even weeks later I still notice how it continues to work in me. Angela is a woman who understands and masters her subject without hocus-pocus. She works honestly, warmly and directly. I recommend Angela to everyone.”

Olivia Gasche