Intuition Coaching VIP Package

Are You Ready?

Do you want to develop your personality in a cheeky, open and new way?

Do you feel trapped inside, like something is slowing you down even though your gut is telling you to get moving?

Are you fed up with the exhaustion of change-induced stress and anxiety?

Do you miss your childlike joy and lightness?

Do you wish you had a coach for all of life’s twists, turns, and daily decisions?

Do you struggle to apply what you’ve learned in courses and seminars?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, you’re ready for the VIP Intuition Coaching Experience! Are you excited?! I know I am!

"I was persuaded to open my eyes, to look, and to see where and in what manner there was a need for action, in my environment and in my company. As I said, change means effort! I know, however, that this is worthwhile and I have the right coach at my side."

"As a highly sensitive intuitive individual, she senses the unspoken und underlying issues in any given situation and is thus able to shed new light on a situation. She asks the right questions to help me gain clarity when I am stuck and “can’t see the forest from the trees“. After each session with Angela I am clear as to what is really going on and what steps to take next."

"It is one thing to be intuitive, and it is a completely different thing to be aware of it and to be able to tap on it. As I am at a crossroad in my life, I thought that consulting with an intuitive will give me direction. To my surprise, meeting with Angela changed the direction of my expectation as something else surfaced which was even more important. It was the answer to my question, indeed. Thank you, Angela."

– Svetana Jordanova

"My self-esteem has become stable and not so swaying. I grew my self-acceptance, but I did not become an egoist... Just magical!"

– Christine Scheidt

Reconnect with your Intuition

It’s time to dive in! Invest in an immersive experience that gives you the time you need to put your intuition into action, and the support you need to do it well.

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In-Depth Sessions

90 minute sessions for the first and last call to truly allow space for your newfound connection to your inner-self

Weekly Calls

Consistent 60 minute calls to guide you through the active part of your journey and support the work you’re doing within yourself.

Exclusive Access

Reach out to me for support whenever you need it… I’m here for you! With the quickest responses on weekdays until 6pm.

3 Month Program

Time to learn, connect, and grow. An extensive and immersive experience to form inner connections and transform your life.

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