Well my brand story is more about how I started to accept and love the path given to me when I was born.

I grew up in the Swiss countryside and as a girl of 3-4 years old Ithought that it is absolutely normal to talkto animals. It took me a long time to realize, that it was not so. I always loved humans, animals and nature. This always made it very easy for my mum to find me, I was always outside somewhere, either talking to any of the above or just watching the magic of nature. I was often called a weirdo or a dreamer, but somehow I had the ability to make people feel more comfortable or lighter. As long as I lived by following my intuition I was safe.

When I started school it was a bit a shock. So many rules (to be honest I already had rules at home but somehow I did not take them so seriously) and so much less freedom of just letting everybody be who they really are. During my nine years in school I was already a bridge builder, in the first years between the kids and the teacher, later between lovebirds. After a while, I started to step back slowly, as I realized I was different. I knew things without ever having experienced them before and I was so sure that what I said was right. But my stepping back did not stop me from protecting others when they were so called “different”. I was always the open ear they needed or the advice giver with a heart full of love for each one of them.

For me it was always clear I would work in an area, where I have a lot of contact with humans, all kinds of them and from many different places. So I went into the hospitality business and later on I even studied Tourism and Hospitality Management. I always stayed the bridge builder and from time to time I started to say to myself “others earn money with it”. After my studies I started working abroad.

While working abroad I reconnected with my ability to talk to animals. I never lost it, but I tried to ignore it. Back in Switzerland I attended some coursesin order to reactivate this abilityand begin using it again. I soon discovered that most of the time an animal is showing us something that has to do with their “owner”. So I decided to learn about more ways of supporting humans again, because all animals are well aware of their path and reason why they are here. To be honest, they taught me more than most teachers, trainers or coaches could ever have taught me.

After working in many places I took a break. I stayed about one year in each job; that was the time it took me to clean up the mess and rebuild the team. This was always my responsibility. Officially I was working for lawyers or other professionals, but unofficially I was the office angel with one exception. When I was listening to the song “Bacardi Feeling” people knew this 4-minutebreak was needed otherwise I might become a little “explosive”.

Later I took another break and went on a 5-week sailing trip from Mauritius to Perth, Australia. Arriving in Australia I knew I would start my own business because somehow I had to continue building bridges. Honestly I really did not know how, what, and when, while the same time another part of me already had all these answers. That is the way I operated.

Intuition has been my best friend and reliable guide throughout my entire life and this is what I can teach other people to do as well. My abilities to see, know, and feel things are a marvellous help for me when coaching clients to live deeply connected with their intuitionon a daily basis. Through my own experiences, I can offer them solutions that I would want to receive myself.Because I have always listened to my heart, I have becomewhat I am known for today, an intuition coach.One who is very down to earth, straight forward, loves simplicity in realizing the reconnectionto the Universeand gives all her love to herself and all other beings in this world.

Although I knew this was my path since I was a little girl, I focused on other things instead and had a hard life as a result. But this detour was needed to help mebetter understand what my true strength is and what each individual needs in order to recognize their own strength. I am very thankful for all the experiences I have had over the years. Even though I was deeply hurt by some of them, they allowed me to be even more loving than the happy ones. I am grateful for all my knowledge, often not knowing where it comes from, but it is here and that’swhat matters. I thank each one of you who is reading my brand story, you are needed as well, and the fact that you are reading this makes my heart feel free and blessed. THANK YOU!