It might be irritating to read such a title from an intuition coach. But I made the same classical school career like most children in Europe. I went to school and was trained that my brain is the most important part of me, and what is not scientifically recognized cannot be. As a matter of fact, my brain still needs this information. Through many years and training my brain started to trust my intuition more and more, but never the less, it still wants proof and facts.

I trust my intuition 100%, still when I am absolutely sure about what I feel and that my decision is right to the bottom of my heart. My brain wants proof. This is a totally normal and daily desire/need. This is one of the main reason why it is incredibly important in my trainings to involve the brain. Is it in giving it pictures or duties. No matter what, it is important then it does belong to the journey and development as well as our heart.

Black and White thinking is not a solution nor a smart decision, then this automatically let us go in to the fight mode. And to fight is never a solution in any way. If we keep the shades out and do not teach the black, that it cannot be seen without the white and the other way round, that the white would not be shining as much without the black, we would walk into nothing.

This is similar whit the intuition, let us call her to make it easier for the brain, our heart. Our brain was not only thought for years that it can only believe what it sees, no it also heard for many, many years that it is the most important part of human beings. At the beginning of our lives we get judged by our achievements at school and as I would call it brain wisdom. And all of a sudden those feelings pop-up from no where and the brain starts to freak out but the heart and the human where both of it is inside stays calm. That is very scary and makes insecure. You may not forget we are creatures of habit and get not thought to be adventurous and brave to stand for us. We are suppose to blend in.

If we do not take the time to develop ourselves and do not take our brain and heart serious, we do make our lives much more difficult for no reason. Something or someone who is ignored does not only clams the energy, much worst, it always makes comments. So if we connect brain and heart and let them work together, we do not only get the most out of it. NO, this very strong desire «I need to see before I believe” can become part of you without being a disturbance. Will it ever be gone, no, but this is also not the goal. There are situations in live where it is very good to see things before you believe. Just imagine some friends invited you for a blind date, because they think the person is perfect for you, you get married to each other before you have met. Yes, this has to do with it for sure, to see, before you believe J

Why I use this as an example, because all of us can imagen how that would be and even for our brain it gives a strange feeling and this makes it a good example. This is exactly what I am talking about, is it about the growth of your intuition, or something else, if you include all, brain and heart, it does feel round and coherent. Our brain is brilliant; we are just not the smartest users. But we are smart enough to always learn and to take it with us on our journey of growth, like this it does feel involved and is happy to be part of it.

This well known to be in your own centre, does not work if you only follow your heart. We are all a whole and this is very important to be aware of. One-us-all is the solution, the YES to me as all I am, as a full individual, that is absolutely perfectly right how you are.

This words might sound a bit poetic and not match very well to the blogs title and irritate again. But you be aware even when the brain needs to see till it believes, the heart says yes to it too, otherwise the heart would ignore it and the brain would not react. And these leads to a complete Stagnation. Everything that is within you, you need to accept and embrace and even when you need to see things before you believe, the partnership of heart and brain makes the real difference.

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