How I became aware that I follow is a different path…

I grew up in a small Swiss village, with many animals around. I felt understood by them and with humans it was sometimes very tiring, especially with adults. Not because they were rude or anything, but because what they said and what I felt coming from them was often very different. It went so far, that I had the feeling I was crazy. Well I was not crazy, I was just very sensitive to what was going on around me.

Most children are born with this sensitivity, but because of our cultural conditioning, we rarely get the opportunity to use and keep this sensitivity. Sensitivity is for me a way to sense my intuition. Intuition can be different things. It can be something we just know, we see, hear or as I said feel.


It showed me and others that something was different

As a little girl, I all of a sudden felt like crying in a restaurant. Nobody understood why because we had a great dinner. It was quite often that someone at a table nearby started crying at the same moment. Believe me, this was not only spooky for others, but for me as well, and I thought I should hide my true feelings.  And the older I got, the more I tried to hide such reactions.


Hide what is not “understood”

My decision was made when I was about 12 years old. I tried to hide my reaction to other people and stopped connecting with people who were also gifted or who reacted aggressively to my person. Those were the same people who were fighting their own intuitive impulses and I nonverbally reminded them of it. For many years I went on like that, the excuse of my age was very helpful, as teenagers seem to be a bit special from time to time, at least to others.


Intuition hit me, I must listen…

In Switzerland on November 11th people celebrate the kick-off to carnival. After that they have to wait till February or March for the real carnival. When I was 18, I went to this celebration with my father. We had a great day and took a taxi to get back home.

When we got into the taxi, all of a sudden I thought, it is such a stupid law that the driver does not need to buckle up when he is driving with guests. I remember it as if it were yesterday. After a while we started driving up the hill and then my heart started cramping up and a rather loud voice inside my head said STOP. I wanted to tell the driver that he must stop, but I did not, because I did not want to embarrass myself.

A view minutes later I remember, my head bumping against the car roof and we went flying through the air in the car. Luckily my Father did not get injured very badly. The driver broke his back. Luckily all of us recovered quite well. I was not too badly injured, but I had a hard time really knowing what took place. I felt the accident happened on purpose to let me know that I can and must trust my intuition, which I then finally started to follow. Nevertheless, it took me a long time to forgive myself that I did not ask the driver to buckle up and that two people got hurt because of me. Intuition that is not used can make you feel terribly guilty for things that you knew or know will happen.

I will never ever forget that night, it was the night that this message was clearly given to me. Live through and with your intuition or you will have a hard and difficult life.


Accepting my gift, being intuitive at a high level

It still took me quite a while to say out loud, that I was living by following my intuition in every moment. After my studies in Hospitality Management, I went to work in Egypt and after a year there, I went to work in the U.S. for another year. Many people said how brave I was to go to such foreign places on my own to work without knowing anybody. I felt good and safe and whatever happened I was able to deal with it by following my intuition. Especially in Egypt, where the culture is so different than ours, it gave me the security to explore and do things that others would never have done. It was just such a great gift.


Becoming my best friend and being shown by my best friend

During this time on my own I started to rely more and more on my intuition, which was my best friend and always there for me. I had to fully trust it again, shortly after I arrived in the US. I had only been there for about 3-4 weeks when my father called. He told me my horse was sick and that a decision had to be made, whether to let him go or not. He asked whether he should decide for me, but I refused. He was my horse and my best friend for many, many years. What my father did not tell me in this moment was that nobody believed that my horse would survive the night. However, I told my father to put his cell phone on the horse’s ear because I needed to talk to him. I did this to calm my mind. After talking to him I told my Father he will be fine and we do not need to do anything, just leave the horse for the night where he is and he will be fine. I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for my Father in this moment, because he and everybody else thought the horse is going die and I behaved as if I knew it better than all of them together. Well I went to work, due to the time difference.

After my shift I remember sitting in a bar nearby the hotel where I worked and stretching my arm out to make sure I got some reception for my cell phone. Finally, the call from my father came. I was very calm; I knew all was perfectly fine. My father’s voice was very surprised. Faraway, my horse, was looking like he never had any problems and eating like he had never been doing anything else. The doctors admitted, that they had never ever expected him to survive. And all of them thought I am totally nuts. Thanks to my marvellous intuition and my horse for his lesion, it is the situation that finally brought me on my real path to follow the path of my heart.

Due to all this experiences my intuition did grow and every day we come closer ever since, I cannot imagen a life without it. And the knowing, that every of use carries this gift and we can reawaken it makes me very happy person and I blessed and pleased to give my heartway and knowledge other people.

If you would like to know more about my path, look out for my next blog 🙂