I was born highly sensitive and have never lost or suppressed this gift. This has made me an expert in helping you reignite your intuition.




  • That icky feeling after a conversation?
  • The urge to hit delete, instead of reply?
  • You’re procrastinating for a reason?
  • Drawn to a person or event like it’s covered with Nutella?

Well. That’s your intuition talking.

The million-dollar question?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to listen to that inkling?

If you’re anything like many other smart female entrepreneurs, it’s been awhile. And, because of that, you’re missing out on the most straightforward, no-bull way of running your business AND your life.


Running a biz without intuition is like hitting the road without GPS, or even a map. In fact, you’re hitchhiking – hoping someone else will pick you up and give you a lift to clarity.

You keep reasoning the sh** out of every decision you make – out of fear you’ll choose the wrong thing. Unlike intuition, the mind is impressionable and open to influence (Hello, the media? Mom, is that you speaking?) and always wonders…

  • Am I good enough?
  • Do I deserve this?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if I mess up?

What if… you NEVER asked yourself those shitty questions ever again?!


Imagine feeling great about every decision you make – whether it’s investing in a month’s membership of Photoshop or booking a last-minute flight to a tropical retreat with your favorite mentor – knowing in your gut it’s the right thing.

What would your business look like if every choice you made was aligned with what’s BEST for you – cutting out the confusion and anxiety-provoking questioning. Wouldn’t that be priceless?

Instead of second guessing yourself, you could take a deep breath (and feel the fear melt away) and tune into that part of yourself that KNOWS.

That knows how to propel you forward without burning out and what to do to…

  • Reach business milestones – without blindly following someone else’s formula for success.
  • Invest in the right programs/ masterminds/ services/ products – creating mind-blowing results.
  • Engage clients that value you and are HAPPY to pay you!
  • Attract connections that build a network of kindred spirits – instead of chasing the next shiny influencer.

You can trust your intuition to be on your side – effortlessly guiding you in the direction of happiness.

Are you ready to go beyond your fear of failure, and switch your focus from wanting to be “liked” to creating a business & life that is YOURS?



I’m Angela Heck and I help you make better decisions faster – by accelerating your intuition – so you can create a business on your terms.

If you’ve been pushing and pushing and not getting the results you want, intuition coaching is perfect for you. I can help you.


Like you, I was born highly sensitive & intuitive but when growing up, I “outgrew” what was considered nonsense – like being able to communicate with animals, sensing peoples’ energies and having an impeccable bullshit meter.

I needed a rough wake-up call to claim my hunch and live an intuitive life…

I was taking a cab ride with my dad when I suddenly felt my heart in my throat, stating loud and clear that I wasn’t safe.

The driver wasn’t buckled in. Something was wrong. It felt wrong.

“Stop the car. Stop the car. Get out!” an inner voice kept telling me.

But afraid to look ridiculous I kept my mouth shut.

I felt the panic.

I experienced the strong urge to get myself out of that situation but…

I didn’t listen.

The car crashed. We all ended up in the hospital.

Since that moment my intuition and I are a team – and I’ve made it my mission to help build the bridge between you and your intuition as well.

Check out some of my fave breakthroughs I’ve created with clients…

One client (who was being run by her intellect) was driving herself nuts by her unrealistic standards and perfectionism. After working with me, she can let go of overanalyzing and trust more in her intuition, which shows up as sheer self-confidence and strength in her everyday life.

A highly sensitive client suffered from extreme lapses in concentration (she almost had a serious car accident because of it). She was going through a difficult phase in her life and couldn’t keep her mind from spinning. I helped her ground her energy and access her intuition. Besides being able to deal with this crisis in an empowering way, she now experiences more balance and calm in her life.

Through using The Intuition Toolbox, I made it possible for a client to untangle the stressful mess she found herself in and trust her intuition again, radically improving her quality of life.

A client got diagnosed with diabetes and severe back problems within 24-hours, which shocked her deeply. After conversations with me, she identified that her body would be able to heal itself without an operation. She also sensed she wouldn’t be a diabetes patient for the rest of her life. She was 100% right. There was no operation needed. She dealt with her diabetes like a pro and now is off medication – all through following her intuition.


  1. I’m a bit of a geek because I can’t live without my devices– it’s my life-line to the people I love.
  1. Do you know that book called “Heidi”, about a little girl on a Swiss mountain? Well, that’s the village both the author and I grew up in. I still fall asleep better when I hear cowbells.
  1. This is slightly embarrassing but… I’m still dreaming of the knight in shining armor. So, if you’re one, please go to my contact page and send me your CV and I promise to get back to you asap. Oh… and please add a photo… of your face.

Sorry, Knights. I found my Prince Charming!


  1. At age 4 I became a thief: I was caught stealing in a candy store. To this day, my cheeks still get red just thinking about it.
  1. At parties, I’m the person who helps with the cleaning up afterward. I rarely go home early – the best conversations happen after dark.
  1. I ADORE Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra. They have a melancholic romanticism I eat for breakfast. Also, their biographies (starting with nothing, working their way up) are so inspiring.
  1. My number one guilty pleasure is eating a bag of PommBären (Swiss chips) together with hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm……
  1. If it was up to me I would change the education system asap – so kids can grow up to be themselves & bring more color to the world.
  1. If I was wearing an invisibility suit, I’d be going behind the scenes at Disneyland, Anaheim – eating all the candy.
  1. When I’m 104 years old, you’ll find me celebrating by dancing in the rain, jumping in the sun and hanging with my buddies.