Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give your younger
self a bit of advice? Maybe you would tell yourself not to worry so much or give yourself a hug and assure yourself that you will survive your high- school heartbreaks (or maybe warn yourself not to get that awful haircut). Maybe you wish someone had been there when you were younger
to give you this advice?

In this podcast interview, you’ll hear from Stacey Huish, who has a calling to do just that for kids all around the world. Her incredible book project, 1000 Ripple Effects, aims to compile 1,000 stories from 1,000 different authors giving heartfelt advice to youngsters making the transition from child to adult. Check out this podcast episode of Reignite Your Intuition to hear all about the project and how Stacey found her life’s calling at the young ageof 5-years-old. You can also learn more about the project by visiting www.1000rippleeffects.com.

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