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My brand story

Well my brand story is more about how I started to accept and love the path given to me when I was born. I grew up in the Swiss countryside and as a girl of 3-4 years old Ithought that it is absolutely normal to talkto animals. It took me a long time to realize, that...

I need to see before I believe

It might be irritating to read such a title from an intuition coach. But I made the same classical school career like most children in Europe. I went to school and was trained that my brain is the most important part of me, and what is not scientifically recognized...

How I became an intuition coach

How I became aware that I follow is a different path… I grew up in a small Swiss village, with many animals around. I felt understood by them and with humans it was sometimes very tiring, especially with adults. Not because they were rude or anything, but because what...

5 days to better intuition

5 Days To Better Intuition



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