Accelerate your intuition –

And strengthen self - confidence in business and life YES, I WANT CONFIDENCE!

5 steps to switching on your intuition and making choices like a champ!

Chronically second guessing yourself?

Fighting a tug-of-war between what you think you should do and what feels right?

Always end up buying the wrong course or
hiring a designer that doesn’t get you?

I know what’s ailing you:

You’ve got a bad case of the “What ifs?” and it’s keeping you and your business small.


I’m Angela Heck and I take you from indecision inferno & analysis paralysis to making bold choices in your business & life – by unleashing your intuitive side, aka the GPS of the soul.

Woo-woo makes you wanna run? I make intuition seem so down to earth, even your brainy side will eat it up. I’m not a “whisperer”. It’s my job to turn YOUR whisper on so you can quit…

  • Questioning yourself and your needs
  • Obsessing over past mistakes
  • Handing over key decisions to other people
  • Night owling, agonizing over possible different outcomes
  • Trying to live up to someone else’s expectations
  • Compromising your truth



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Angela is unique.

“I have worked with several coaches over the years, but no one has been able to get to identify the root of any of my issues so quickly. As a highly sensitive intuitive individual, she senses the unspoken und underlying issues in any given situation and is thus able to shed new light on a situation. She asks the right questions to help me gain clarity when I am stuck and “can’t see the forest from the trees“. After each session with Angela I am clear as to what is really going on and what steps to take next. I am very thankful to have met Angela and to know that I can ask for her support when needed.”

Cheers, Marina Parris, Pferd als Partner

Dear Angela!

In the coaching I, could feel that you are doing this with all your heart. You get to the customers topic and can accompany them with high competence. Thank you for your energetic help! I would recommend anyone to experience this coaching because it takes anyone personally, step a step further.

Stay the way you are, Angela!

Roland Gauch, Referral Institute Luzern

Who is Angela Heck and what makes her so special?

“I met Angela Heck a couple of years ago, at a network partner event. Her direct, open, sympathetic and extremely authentic manner has inspired me and encouraged me to learn more about her work and to make an appointment. After the first meeting I realized, I want to work together with her. It is her versatility, her sensitivity, her extreme flair and the “bring it to the point in no time”, which perplexes me every time. The coachings with Angela are motivating and extremely fun!

Thanks to Angela, I have turned myself out of my comfortable zone to change and move a lot towards my dreams finally. I was persuaded to open my eyes, to look, and to see where and in what manner there was a need for action, in my environment and in my company. As I said, change means effort! I know, however, that this is worthwhile and I have the right coach at my side.”

Andreas Spiegel, Geschäftsführer, Impress Spiegel AG, media + print, 4622 Egerkingen


Stop twisting your noodle in a knot over every small decision!


5 steps to switching on your intuition & making choices like a champ

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Accelerate your Intuition - and strengthen self-confidence in business and life

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